Hanging Rock Trip Instructions

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Meet outside the foundry at 8am on Saturday.

What to bring (in order of importance):

  • $20 to be paid to your driver
  • Supreme enthusiasm for an awesome weekend
  • any sport climbing gear you have
  • Large full drink bottle
  • 2x Lunches and 1 x breakfast
  • Sleepbag, bed roll and warm clothes
  • Sun protection
  • Tent (if you have one)
  • Extra beer or something else if ya want it

Provided for FREE. Fish N Chips. About 2 or 3 beers each. Some juice and soft drink. Marshmallows for the fire/eating.

Hanging Rock Trip

20th and 21st of September. 

Come on a wonderful weekend climbing in the South Canterbury country side. A wonderful trip for climbers of all abilities to enjoy sending some sweet limestone climbs. Fish n chips as well as some beer and mashmellows will be provide to boost the camp-fire-cheer. This has been a great trip in recent years hope to see another great turnout.

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